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Some say these are the very best strength and movement classes you’ll find

Boutique style, on-demand

Movement108 is an online home for some great kettlebell and bodyweight focused movement training. You’ll find the very best studio style video classes with new workouts dropping every week.

The Movement108 Unlimited Membership

Unlock unlimited access to a better moving you. Every week you’ll get 5 pre-recorded sessions which include mobility, metabolic kettlebell, kettlebell strength and calisthenic work. Each class delivers an effective and trusted flow that moves your body in intelligent progressions made to feel great and build sustainable strength. Interested but nervous about commitment? Try a week on us and see how you feel.

On-Demand Classes

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Simplifying the Gym

Two kettlebells + a yoga mat + a foam roller = all you need to optimize the experience of your body (a willing attitude helps too).

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The evolution of M108

Movement108 was founded by (me!) Aaron de Jong in 2014. Starting from a 250 square foot space, to a thriving 3000 square foot boutique studio in Vancouver BC, Movement108 represents a proven model of intentionally sequenced workouts that deliver bodyweight, kettlebell and functional movement. I’ve always believed in a balanced, fun and educational approach to moving our bodies. 

My background started in physical education, is full of kettlebell certifications and ended with specializing in corrective exercise. The systems applied on this platform are rooted in FMS, Fascial Stretch, and Anatomy Trains knowledge while connecting practical lessons learnt from the thousands of hours spent with clients on the gym floor.

This community is an incredible evolution from the studio to an online platform that enables a more mobile and strong experience in your body. Come along for the ride and let your strength be rooted in body awareness and a knowledge that you can take anywhere.

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Join us and create whole-body balance with functional strength and movement.

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