On Demand Classes, Built for You

Our class and course methodology has been tried, tested and proven true in studio. Since our humble start in 2014 we’ve spent over 10,000 hours and had 100,000 visits with humans moving on the studio floor. We’ve built class and learning content that delivers studio based outcomes, wherever you are.

Our Method:

Whether moving with on-demand classes or learning course material, our method of integrated movement has been carefully crafted to make sure you get the most out of your body. Proven to help you feel better and move better everyday.

3 foundational rules of the M108 experience: 
  1. We move through phases in every workout progressing movement in your body throughout each class.
  2. We move our bodies in all ranges of motion throughout each class.
  3. You will sweat, work hard and can trust dynamic exertion sets in every class.

Every time you move with Movement108 you’ll learn to intelligently sequence your movement and build strength unlike ever before.

The Classes

We post 4 meaningful class styles a week that will leave your body in balance, feeling great and having built strength, guaranteed.

Meta KB

Challenging your aerobic capacity with faster pace moves to get your heart pumping! We functionally set you up from the start and push your exercise progression and comfort zone to new levels. This class is full of kettlebells and flows – think swings, cleans, lunges, squats and jumps. We recommend heading into a metabolic class if you’re confident in your movement and looking to step things up.


Site specific mobility solves for your body that you oh-so-need in today’s world of working out, sitting or simply living. Whether it’s prepping for your next workout or taking a day off to mobilize your body – we believe that spending a bit of you time can result in a better feeling and better moving you. 

KB Strength

Work from the ground up: this class starts with our progression based movement philosophy (see above). We use kettlebells to load you into and out of different movement patterns with the focus always on proper form, moving your body and pushing weights around to have you building strength, working hard and feeling great! 

Calisthenic Strength

Bodyweight strength at its core (ha – ha). We believe that you already have a body that is strong, it just needs connecting. In Lauren’s calisthenic classes you will discover joint stability, bodyweight strength in multiple patterns and the foundation of how your body is meant to move.

Join the Movement

Experience whole body balance with our functional strength and movement method.