Movement108 Unlimited

Set it and forget it. Every week you get mobility, metabolic, strength and calisthenic workouts that create the most balanced version of yourself.  Oh, and you can do any historical workout anytime with this unlimited membership.


Move When You Want

The unlimited membership is everything you need to keep building strength and feeling better in your body.

Access the membership portal with all of our video programming anytime, anywhere.

What you get

⟶ 5 weekly sessions 

⟶ KB Strength, Metabolic KB

⟶ Mobility, Calisthenics

⟶ Feel confident with How-To’s

How it works

⟶ Unlimited access to private members page

⟶ Access to all historical workouts

⟶ Monthly billing, cancel anytime

⟶ $54 dollars monthly

Too much too fast? Get your first 4 weeks on me with the coupon code <newbie>.

Who You Move With: the Instructors


Meet Aaron

Soccer, hiking and spending time with family are passions but his true desire lies in complimentary towels, Dad jokes and teaching people how to get optimal body and mind results without going full throttle all the time. Movement is a lifestyle and Aaron aspires to embody this – day in and day out.  

Where you’ll find him:  Coaching classes (on your screen!), personal training sessions, leading our 357 Movement Course, working on the movr app.



Meet Jake

Jake is like a tweet. There’s just not enough characters to express just how amazing and strange this guy is. Take all the things you see from intimidating guys who lift heavy weights – and strip away everything but the body and nice hair – then put in a thoughtful, creative, empowering coach. He takes all these things and combines them into his Kettlebell and Strength classes to keep you moving, strong and leaving feeling accomplished.

Where you’ll find him:  Movement and Strength Classes online, Personal training and carrying his kids around Vancouver.


Meet Lauren

Lauren enjoys putting all her energy into being a wonderful mom to her daughter, Piper, pursuing ring setting, and finding time for sleep (all other mom’s understand). In terms of training, Lauren always wanted to prove that anybody could be strong, so, step 1: got strong and now step 2: teach people how to get strong.

Where you’ll find her:  Coaching online, Movement Foundations, Baby Mama classes & personal training sessions.


Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel this membership at anytime prior to your next payment. When you do, you will lose access to all workout videos (and we’ll miss you!)

Why 54 dollars?

One part cheeky, two parts quality and three parts math. We used the original proceeds of Movement108 to pay the studio rent while we were under Covid-19 lockdown orders. After realizing this was a longer term thing and wrapping up the studio, we cut the price in half to keep you accountable along with making it viable as a business.

Do I still offer personal training?

Not at the moment but this may change, and if it does – you’ll be the first to know about it.

What if I don't know how to do the exercises?

With your membership we’ve included a video series called ‘how-to’s where you can work through in-depth instruction on all the major skills required to do the classes feeling great. We facilitate core bracing, breathing, mobility, kettlebell skills and all major movement patterns to help those starting from scratch or to help refresh those of you with lots of exercise experience.

Join the Movement

Experience your best moving body with this pretty nifty kettlebell strength and movement methodology.