Simple Equipment for Simple Results

No need for an entire home gym to see the results you want. Our simple, yet effective workouts bring the gym to you with a kettlebell or two, a yoga mat and a foam roller.

movement108 kettlebell

The Kettlebell

The kettlebell is at the core of the movements we prescribe in our classes. This dynamic tool can tuck away in the closet and pack a solid punch in any workout.

We recommend you have two kettlebells available for your workouts, one lighter for longer work sets at high repetitions and one heavier that you can focus on strength exercises that take you to the next level. 

We pride ourselves on instructing each session with easy-to-understand cues and offer the how-to video guide so you have a brand new skill set at your disposal for a lifetime of strength.  

Don’t have a bell? Contact us to get your hands on one.

The Yoga Mat

Unroll and rollup the gym. We’ve scoured the market and believe the options lululemon provide are the best quality and will enable you to sweat without the stress wherever you drop your mat. 

Don’t have one? Click below and get delivered the mat of your choice.

The Foam Roller

Why mobilize? We include the foam roller at the beginning of workouts and mobility sessions to ensure you’re addressing the issues in your tissues. Don’t have your own?

The most adaptable, best in market roller is the lululemon Double Roller Mini. Place your order and let’s roll together. 

Join the Movement

Experience whole body balance with our functional strength and movement method.