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Can I cancel anytime?

You can cancel this membership at anytime prior to your next payment. When you do, you will lose access to all workout videos (and we’ll miss you!)

Why 108 dollars?

One part cheeky, two parts quality and three parts math. We love the number 108 and are paying homage to the studio name. We also believe that our offering is the very best quality instruction you can find when it comes to moving your body. We don’t take that lightly and are committed to ensuring you get the best coaching possible. The math? Well, we took the cost of 1 drop in session at the studio (30 dollars), multiplied by 4 = 120$ and rounded down to $108. So, the cost of 3 and a half drop in sessions gives you access to 20 movement sessions a month.

Can I still do personal training?

Yes we do! If you’re in Vancouver and interested in personal training, please reach out direct to with your training goals and we’ll work to find the right time and fit for your needs.

What if the exercises are too hard?

With your membership we’ve included a video series called ‘how-to’s where you can work through in-depth instruction on all the major skills required to do the classes feeling great. We facilitate core bracing, breathing, mobility, kettlebell skills and all major movement patterns to help those starting from scratch or to help refresh those of you with lots of exercise experience.